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11 Reasons Why You Get Limited Results From Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Facebook Advertising Campaigns
Facebook Advertising


Facebook Advertising campaigns help strategically track customers based on multiple parameters like location, demographics, and interests. If you know how to create a Facebook advertisement properly, your Facebook advertising campaigns can help you generate more revenue. In fact, according to statistics, Facebook reaches 59% of the world’s social networking population. (Source: emarketer)

Here are some common Facebook advertising problems that will lead to your budgets going down the drain.

  • Using The Wrong Ad Type

Examples of Facebook ad formats are image, poll, carousel, slideshow, lead ads, etc. Select the ad type that best matches the message's main content and helps you achieve your campaign goal (brand awareness, brand reach, etc.)

  • Not Setting The Right Campaign Objective

The broad categories of Facebook campaign objectives include brand awareness, brand consideration, and brand conversions. Brand awareness campaigns aim at generating the interest of the target audience in the product/service. Brand consideration campaigns aim at helping people seek more information about your business. Similarly, brand conversion campaigns encourage people to buy a product/service.

  • Not Defining The Right Audience

Writing ad copies, creating graphics, and setting budgets is only useful if the right audience is determined for the marketing campaign.

While creating Facebook advertisements, the business must define the right audience. These are the parameters for defining an audience:

  1. Location (Country, City, people travelling to a location, etc.)

  2. Age Group

  3. Gender

  4. Language

  5. Hobbies and interests of the target audience

  • Not Following The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 Rule in Facebook advertising stated that an advertisement could not have more than 20% text in its image. While this stringent rule has been removed, Facebook advertisements with 20% or less text in a graphic still perform better than other types of advertisements.

Before launching a Facebook advertisement, ensure your text is short, concise, and to the point.

  • Not Optimizing For All Devices

Everything in your ad may look great, but you may realize that the advertisement is not optimized for all devices at the last minute. Lack of optimization can make it difficult for viewers to look at your advertisement properly.

  • Not Choosing The Right Placements

While creating Facebook advertisements, choose the right ad placements. These placements refer to places on and outside Facebook where the ads are to be run. Advertisers must choose the placement based on the costs and the placements where the audience is most likely to engage with the brand/consider purchasing its offerings. Not choosing the right placement will impact the overall effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

  • Not Focusing On Relevance Score and Frequency

Relevance score refers to how well advertisements resonate with the brand’s target audience. This score is based on how people interact with the advertisement. Advertisers must ensure that the ads they create are relevant to their prospects.

The frequency of the ad refers to how often a person that belongs to the brand’s audience views an advertisement. An extremely high level of frequency can annoy the audience, and an extremely low level of frequency can prevent people from familiarizing themselves with the brand and its offerings. Therefore, not checking the frequency can prevent advertisements from having the desired impact.

  • Not Writing a Compelling Call-To-Action Button

Not writing a compelling call-to-action button prevents users from achieving campaign objectives.

A compelling call-to-action must be simple, direct and clear. The communication in call-to-action must use words like “CALL NOW”, “GET IN TOUCH TODAY” and “HURRY” to create a sense of urgency for the user to take action.

  • Not Writing Effective Headlines

Not writing effective headlines impacts the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

When you write your Facebook ad, ensure that your headlines are effective. The headline must not be misleading (it must be highly relevant with the brand and its offerings). Ideally, your headline must be short and emotion-provoking.

  • Not Updating Ad Creatives

When advertisements are run on Facebook for an extended period, people experience ad fatigue. This can lower the effectiveness of advertising campaigns as people get used to viewing the same ad with the same creative.

Update ad creatives regularly to avoid people from experiencing negative emotions like annoyance with your advertisements.

  • Not Ensuring That There Is A Sync Between The Graphic and Text

While creating Facebook campaigns, ensure there is a sync between the creative and the text. The text and the image must not be completely different, and both of them must relate to the brand and its offerings.


Now you know what things to keep in mind while planning an Advertising campaign on Facebook. Also, now you can promptly solve any Facebook advertising problems to obtain the desired results. To know more about the services provided by Let’s Build Brands, head over to our services page.

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