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Captain Tesseract

INDUSTRY- Gaming & Education

Captain Tesseract

CLIENT- Captain Tesseract
A creative team of gamers and programmers who love playing and
designing games, offering Game Development courses, a community for
like minded gamers & game development enthusiasts, plus a marketplace
to sell & purchase goodies.

The start-up firm (an online coding classes platform erstwhile) required a
Digital marketing strategy to pivot its offering to Game Development.
Objective was to promote their platform as a whole, market about game
development and generate quality & convertible leads for these courses.
Being fresh in the horizon, they wanted to spread awareness through the
community part and as a longer term vision create a dedicated

- To engage potential customers & turn them into leads
- To spread awareness & increase visibility

Actions Taken
A bottom-up strategy was adopted to meet the requirements of the client:

- Started with content marketing by building fresh content around gaming
and game development posted across platforms to update our current
followers and user base about the new set of offering.
- Email Marketing was given emphasis to promote the Courses considering
that a lot of traction was received on our erstwhile content, and audience
related more to workshop related announcements.
- To sell the 5999/- course, we adopted the funnel strategy by marketing the
499/- workshop first and then upselling the 5999/- workshop to students.
- The robust paid media strategy for lead generation for 499/- 3D Game
design workshop included-

• Identifying 2 target groups - Students and Parents; who were served the
right content in terms of creative, copy & CTA with A/B testing, leading
enhanced lead generation.
• Students being the ultimate consumer, and Parents being the influencer /
decision maker at some instances.
• Third Ad was of retargeting students who did not make the purchase in
first exposure to the ad.

- A focused organic content with timely executed social calendars &
scheduled postings helped them create fan-base.

It is an on going project. Increasing engagement and follower base by the day

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