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Maven Stainless Steel

INDUSTRY- Manufacturing– Stainless Steel Pipes & Tubes

Maven Stainless Steel

CLIENT- Maven Stainless
A leading manufacturer of Stainless Steel Pipes and Tubes having diverse application and
being one of the oldest players in the market.

The manufacturer required an online marketing strategy to generate quality & convertible
leads along with visibility in the market. Being an unorganized industry where influencers
made the purchase decisions, brand awareness & visibility was required amongst
influencers and consumers, and the client was in competition with local players as well as
bigger brands.

- To engage potential customers & turn them into leads
- To build a brand, increase visibility, awareness & gain recall
- Targeted communication with Architects, Interior Designers and Fabricators

Actions Taken

A 360 degree digital marketing strategy was adopted :
- Started with by analysing client’s website and optimizing the same for On-
page SEO.

Followed by Off Page, Technical and Local SEO.
- Understanding the Target Audience and identifying the platforms to
communicate with each of them
- Creation of focused organic content with timely executed social calendars &
scheduled postings gave their social presence a boost
- A Mascot was designed that reflected their industry / product & offered
authenticity. No other brand had any such mascot which became client’s
differentiating factor.
- The mascot was launched through a paid campaign Steel Premier League
(SPL) where we capitalized on the audience missing IPL this season. It was
aimed at attracting engagement from the target audience.
- Now working on creating a family of characters to be used in different
– Maven Architect, Maven Designer, Maven Fabricator
- Blogs and intellectual posts on LinkedIn to interact with industry leaders
- Soon enough, we indulged in retargeting on social media channels besides
reaching unexplored & unaware audience leading to myriad of leads and
improved engagement and conversion rates.

Quality of leads improved considerably leading to better conversion rates

150% increase in Lead Generation & 1430% in Reach

Better Brand Awareness in steel association and other industry bodies

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