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Potato Veggies

INDUSTRY- Farming & Vegetable Supply

Potato Veggies

CLIENT- Potato Veggies Truck Loads
A team of merchants sourcing potatoes from Farmers and
supplying to wholesalers across vegetable markets in India, aimed
to create a portal to bridge the gap between Farmers and
wholesale buyers, to create a hassle free buying experience.

In an industry which operated completely in a conventional
manner, with the entire commerce being carried out in a non-digital
fashion, this was a first-of-its kind initiative to bridge the gap
between farmers and wholesalers. The start-up firm required an
online marketing strategy to digitize this business in order to sell
across India, spread awareness about the platform and generate
quality & convertible leads along with visibility in the market. Being
fresh in the horizon, brand awareness & visibility was low, and the
client was the first mover in this.

- To engage potential customers & turn them into leads
- To build a brand, increase visibility, awareness & gain recall

Actions Taken
A 360 degree approach was adopted to meet the requirements of the

- Started by creating this platform keeping in mind the simplistic yet
effective feature rich approach suitable for client's business model
- Initaited 360 degree digital marketing spreading across Social
Media Platforms, Search Engine Optimization, Blog Articles and much
- Daily Organic posting of fresh content placed in customized creative
templates helped us spread the word about the portal and the
benefits of the portal.
- Daily Posting of daily produce being cultivated, on Social Media

through organic posting helped us keep our viewers informed and up-
to date.

- Our ORM services & quick manual responses built reputation
amongst interested customers.
- Soon enough, we indulged in retargeting on social media channels
besides reaching unexplored & unaware audience leading to further
improved engagement and conversion rates.
- A focused organic content with timely executed social calendars &
scheduled postings leading to a well managed & optimized social

Better Brand Awareness in Industry and recognition in different associations and other industry bodies

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