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INDUSTRY- Interior Designing


CLIENT- Woodofa
A creative team of designers, offering diversified interior
designing services - from consultancy, to styling & designing, and

The start-up firm required an online marketing strategy to
generate quality & convertible leads along with visibility in the
market. Being fresh in the horizon, brand awareness & visibility
was low, and the client was in competition with existing local
players as well as bigger brands.

- To engage potential customers & turn them into leads
- To build a brand, increase visibility, awareness & gain recall

Actions Taken
A multi-pronged strategy was adopted to meet the requirements of the client:

- Started with 360 degree website redesigning by building fresh content
placed in customized webpage templates, updating of project showcase,
gallery, etc.
- Youtube Marketing was given emphasis considering that a lot of traction
was received on our educational videos, and audience related more to video
- Launch of the Virtual Design Consultant through retargeting ads on social
- This was complemented by a robust paid media strategy for lead
- Strategically picked target group was served the right content in terms of
creative, copy & CTA with A/B testing, leading enhanced lead generation.
- Our ORM services & quick manual responses built reputation amongst
interested customers.
- Soon enough, we indulged in retargeting on social media channels besides
reaching unexplored & unaware audience leading to further improved
engagement and conversion rates.
- A focused organic content with timely executed social calendars &
scheduled postings gave them a ladder to rise up high in the hierarchy.

Quality of leads improved considerably leading to better conversion rates and
enhanced ticket size

170% increase in Lead Generation & 946% in Reach

Also, since mid May ‘20 (post lockdown), we have been able to bring down the cost per lead by almost 60%,
generating almost thrice the leads vis-à-vis pre lockdown period

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