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6 reasons why you need to include blogs as a part of your content marketing strategy

Updated: Jan 24

In today’s time, businesses need to create different marketing strategies to reach out to their target audience. The proverb “CONTENT IS KING” has become more relevant in todays’ time than before. As a result, brands have started to focus on content marketing strategies to help them attract and engage better with their target audience. Blogging is one example of a content marketing strategy that brands use. By creating the right type of content for a long time, blogging can help businesses spread awareness about their offerings.

content marketing strategy
6 reasons why you need to include blogs as a part of your content marketing strategy

What are blogs?

Blogs are informative, long-form pieces of content with goals like spreading awareness about a particular topic, engaging with your audience and increasing website traffic. Another important factor that cannot be missed is the benefits of blogging on Search Engine Optimization for that website, which helps get more traffic.

As a part of your content marketing strategy, writing blogs can prove to be useful for businesses. In fact, according to Impact, 77% of Internet users regularly read blog posts. In this blog post, we’ve listed the 6 reasons why blogging is crucial for your company’s content marketing strategy.

5 reasons why you must include blogs in your content marketing strategy

  • Help drive traffic with the help of SEO

According to HubSpot, companies that publish at least 16 blog posts per month receive 3.5 times more traffic than companies that publish fewer than 4 posts per month. Moreover, blogs help with SEO. Search engine optimization refers to improving the quality and the quantity of traffic to a company’s website. By optimising blogs with relevant keywords for SEO purposes, brands can ensure readers discover blogs through search engines.

  • Help businesses position themselves as experts

Through providing valuable information related to the product or industry, brands can position themselves as experts through blogs. Educating the audience about your product or its application helps convince the audience about the usability or benefits of the product. Hence, the customer is easy to convince for the purchase. For example, a marketing agency may post blogs related to its services, like content marketing, search engine optimisation and graphic design. Upon explaining the benefits of these services, the agency can make the audience realize the need for such a service and hence is easily able to convince them.

This way, brands can position themselves as experts and develop a connection with the audience.

  • Help businesses stay ahead of competitors

An effective blogging strategy helps businesses successfully add value to their target audience and stay ahead of competitors in the market. For example, if a company offering personal care products writes blogs related to products it recommends for different users, it can add more value than businesses that do not share such information. For example, having a blog on different skin types and the different types of cream to be used for each skin type will educate the customer and help the brand stay ahead of its competitors.

  • Build trust

By regularly sharing valuable information with readers, businesses can build a loyal community and ensure that their audience can trust their product/service offerings. Hence, the chances of the brand’s target market becoming the business's customer also increases.

  • Encourage shareability

By sharing relevant, valuable information through blog posts, brands can encourage their target audience to share the blog on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Shareability of the content helps the content be seen by more viewers, increasing the brand visibility and awareness.


By reading this blog, we hope that you’ve better understood how blogs make an effective tool as a part of your company’s content marketing strategy and hence are a must for your marketing plan.

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