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8 Social Media Content Buckets To Create a Content Strategy

Updated: Jan 23

Do you need to create content for your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.? The first step towards creating a content strategy for your social media accounts is to identify the type of content you would like to post. In this case, segregating your content types into different categories (content buckets) will benefit your overall content marketing strategy. We’ve discussed the 7 content buckets which brands can utilize during the social media content planning process in this blog.

Content Strategy
8 Social Media Content Buckets To Create a Content Strategy

What are content buckets?

Content buckets refer to identifying different categories as per the type of content that appeals to a brand’s target audience. They also help guide brands to plan and execute their content marketing strategy that aligns with the brand’s mission, goals, and overall social media strategy.

We’ve discussed the 7 social media buckets with examples in this blog.

Their knowledge will help you better create social media content buckets for your business.

The 8 Social Media Content Buckets

The 8 social media content buckets like educational, festive/social event, awareness, entertainment, engagement, testimonial-based, promotional, and facts and figure-based posts.


Educational posts add value to the target audience and build brand trust. Before the company’s target audience decides to purchase from the brand, they need to first learn about the product or service, its application and eventually gain trust in the brand. Educational posts help brands spread knowledge and create a need for their product/service in the market. Examples of educational content types include question-and-answer sessions with the audience, live sessions on specific topics, and posts that aim to educate the audience about a specific topic. For instance, a digital marketing agency can educate the audience about how to run a particular type of social media ad.

Festive/social event

Festive/social event posts celebrate on special occasions celebrated by the brand’s audience. Usually, while creating these posts, a link is established between the business and the festive event so that the post appeals to the target audience. It’s a way to wish the audience and celebrate the festivity with them.


Awareness-based posts focus on making the brand’s audience aware that their product/service solves a specific problem in the market. For example, a sports shoe brand may post about how the gel in the sole works like a shock absorber and provides extra cushion to runners during long runs.


Entertainment-based posts refer to content like memes that use light-hearted humour related to a brand. Such content is highly shareable and gives the brand a personal touch, making it easier for the audience to feel that they can relate to it.


Engagement posts are brand posts that are aimed at engaging with the audience. These may be in the form of question-answer, quiz, contest, or simply taking audience opinion on a topic. These posts are aimed to bring the audience closer to the brand and to develop a relationship with them.


Testimonial-based posts focus on client testimonials, which show the brand’s target audience that the company is trustworthy and can help provide high-quality goods and services. Sharing such testimonials on social media platforms can encourage prospects to learn more about the brand’s offerings and eventually purchase a product/service from it.


Promotional social media posts focus on specific offerings a brand wishes to offer to its target audience. These can be promoting a product or service, or offer. For example, a fashion apparel company has come up with a new range for winter collection and are running an introductory discount offer on the same. Hence, it may post one promotional post for showcasing the range and inviting more customers to benefit from the discount and try the new product.

Facts and Figure Based posts

Numbers play an interesting role when it comes to marketing. Posts having numbers in terms of facts & figures are way more convincing in nature and help brands convince the audience faster. Facts and figure-based posts talk about specific numbers. For example, the percentage of clients who have benefited from the brand’s services, the percentage of customers who are repeat customers of the brand, and so on are relevant numbers that help the brand’s target audience establish trust in its offerings.


With the knowledge of the above 8 social media content buckets and their relevance in social media content planning, you will be able to plan and execute your brand’s content marketing strategy in a better way. If you wish to know more about the services offered by Let’s Build Brands Media, head over to this page.

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