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Best time to Post on Social Media in India

Updated: Jan 23

All of us want to have maximum engagement on our social media posts and receive the maximum number of likes, comments and shares. Why?

Obviously, because it reflects factors like Trust, Influence, Fan-following, Love and becoming famous in our community.

But have we ever thought about why we aren’t able to get it?

Social Media in India
Social Media

While there are many reasons for the same- topic of content, type of creative (static, video, gif etc),how catchy is the content copy, is the creative attractive or not, the platform of post etc. But few know that the timing of posting the content piece makes a lot of difference. Timing means the day and time of the post.

We all know that our time being spent on social media platforms have increased exponentially. And this may vary from person to person, platform to platform, and also depends on the day of the week. In lieu of this, to optimize the organic reach of our posts among our followers and others whom we intend to reach through hashtags and other organic measures, we must plan our post with respect to time, day and platform.

Sharing below some of our research’s findings-

  1. Best time to Post on social media is when your followers are online. This is the easiest way to improve your organic reach.

  2. For new accounts who do not have an audience to test upon, they can post on universally common timings (refer next paragraph).

  3. Look at when your audience is most active online

  4. Look at past top-performing posts of your brand

  5. Have a data-driven approach for deciding best time to post

  6. Use your analytics tools, or social media reports, and filter in on your most successful posts. The posts that did the best in terms of:

  7. Awareness (i.e., posts that have high impressions)

  8. Engagement (i.e., posts that earned impressive engagement rates)

  9. Sales/Traffic (i.e.,posts that attracted a lot of clicks)

  10. Next, check what time of day or week you posted successful content, and see what kind of patterns are formed.

There are heat maps available in analytics of Facebook that help understand your audiences’ consumption pattern or activity during different days and timelines.

According to the Digital Marketing Expert at LBB “Consider yourself as the user and analyse what time of the day you would engage with the content of a particular brand; as the best time to post. For Example, the most common and successful time to post is early in the morning when people get up and check their phone to catch up on the newsfeed, lunch time when people have a gap on their schedule and indulge in using their phone/social media accounts, and later right after work people check on what they missed out during the day, and many spend time just before the bed to catch up on what they missed out during the day.”

Hence a generic best time to post on social media is 10 AM on weekdays.

Certain platform specific timings are:

Best time to post on Facebook is : 9AM to 1PM on Tuesdays through Friday

Best time to post on Instagram is : 11AM on all Weekdays

Best time to post on LinkedIn is : 9 AM to 12 Noon Tuesday to Thursday

Best time to post on Twitter is : 8 AM - 11AM Monday to Thursday

Furthermore, unsurprisingly Instagram’s algorithm is similar to that of Facebook’s. Recency of the post is an important ranking factor. For certain clients having audiences in different time zones, it’s important to do multiple posts around the clock to keep each audience group engaged and entertained.

platform specific timings
specific timings

Whereas in the LinkedIn algorithm, recency is less of a consideration than quality, relevance, and trending content.

If you are a beginner starting with a new account, our recommendation would be to start somewhere and keep it consistent!

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