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How To Digitally Market your Brand During Festivities

Updated: Jan 23

During the festive season, companies start implementing new and unique marketing strategies to grab the attention of their target audience. During this time of the year, businesses see a growth in their revenue. Because of the increase in sales expected during the festive season, marketers wish to improve their digital presence through festival marketing campaigns, unique brand messaging, etc.

We’ve listed some techniques you can follow to digitally market your brand during the festive season in this blog.

Digitally Market
How To Digitally Market your Brand During Festivities

  • Leverage paid marketing

With the onset of the festive season, the consumption of many consumer items increases. During this time, to boost promotion and sales, it becomes critical to let your audience know about all special offerings of your brand. For example, a bakery may run advertisements for Christmas-specific chocolate plum cakes during December. Another example is an apparel brand running a festive discount sale on the winter collection. Hence, ads that specifically target your audience using targeting parameters like location, age, interests, etc., can help your brand reach its target audience. Brands can use platforms for paid festival marketing campaigns, including Facebook and Instagram advertisements, Google advertisements, and LinkedIn advertisements.

  • Focus on content and social media marketing

Reaching your audience with engaging and interesting content is critical for every brand. Content and social media marketing can help brands achieve this objective. Focusing on creative, relatable content related to the festival that also conveys the brand’s offerings is crucial. Innovative content can be planned and posted across social media platforms on the date of the festival.

  • Use festival-related keywords for SEO

Relevant and trending keywords help users discover the brand. Festival-related keywords are helpful during special occasions. For example, ‘’christmas treats’’, ‘’christmas cookies’’, and ‘’christmas cakes’’ are examples of some keyword searches by a brand’s audience close to the festive season. In addition, the content on the website, social media platforms, and so on may include these keywords.

  • Run engaging contests

Contests encourage people to participate and engage with the brand’s social media posts, hence increasing the reach of your social media posts. As a result, your brand’s offerings also get noticed by many individuals. Therefore, contests are an integral part of festival marketing, and you can run engaging contests on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. For example, a contest by a gym may be launched for the New Year in which a question could be, ‘’What is your fitness New Year resolution? The best answers will receive complimentary 1-week gym access’’. Depending upon the answers, a winner may be selected. This will help the brand get an opportunity to introduce their gym services to a prospect and hence increase chances of converting them into a customer.

  • Create an email marketing campaign

An email marketing campaign is an effective way to market your promotional offers during the festivities to your existing customer base and new prospects during a specified time frame, like fifteen days before a major festival. (Diwali, Holi, Christmas, New Year, etc.) For example, an electronics retail chain may be running a discount offer of 10% discount across all its products on the occasion of Diwali, and hence sends out an email to its user base for the same around Dussehra.


By reading this blog, you must’ve got a better understanding of how you can digitally market your brand during festivals and run promotional campaigns for better reach, engagement, and brand promotion.

Let’s Build Brands is a marketing agency in New Delhi helping brands create a digital presence across social media platforms. If you wish to know more about the services offered by Let’s Build Brands, head over to this page.

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