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Top Link Building Strategies with Search Engine Optimisation

Updated: Jul 8

In today’s competitive business environment, every business has a website to promote its products and services. However, users must also discover the website when searching for their product, service or brand name on the internet. To make your website appear in the search results page, building links for SEO through link-building strategies becomes important. These strategies boost the website’s ranking on search engines and help the audience discover it more easily.

Link Building Strategies with Search Engine Optimisation
Top Link Building Strategies with Search Engine Optimisation

What are link building strategies?

Link building refers to the entire process through which people acquire links from other websites that redirect to their own website. Link building strategies aim to increase the quality and quantity of links to your website. These improve the brand’s authority and online presence over time.

Links may either be internal links in SEO, focusing on linking to other webpages on a website or external links focused on building links that point back to the website domain. This blog post will focus on external link-building strategies.

What are the best link-building strategies?

We’ve discussed some of the best link-building strategies below. Suppose you’re wondering, ‘’Out of these strategies, what is the best linking strategy?”. In that case, you can try a combination of strategies, one strategy may outperform others, and you can choose it as your best link-building strategy.

  • Analyze your competitors’ backlinks

While you work on search engine optimisation for your website, you will need to obtain relevant backlinks. Backlinks refer to links on websites other than your website that link to a page on your website. The backlinks help improve your ranking in search engines.

Using a backlink checking tool like Semrush, Ahrefs, etc., lets you audit the domain and analyze the websites that link back to your competitors’ websites. Next, you can prepare a list of relevant websites in your industry/domain of expertise that may be interested in linking to your website. Finally, send an email to relevant bloggers/relevant employees who work on the website’s blog and ask if they can mention your page on their website. Ensure that you only send messages to people who are likely to be interested in your content, or you may not receive the response you expected in your email.

The below image is an example of checking for backlinks using Ubersuggest.

  • Ask for broken links to be replaced with your website link

While researching links, you can discover any broken links on websites and, where appropriate, ask if the broken link can be redirected to your website’s page instead. Doing this provides an opportunity for both the website owner to fix the broken link issue and for you to obtain a relevant backlink. You can check for error/404 pages in particular to achieve this objective.

  • Use images to build links

There may be times when people use your image in a blog but may not embed a link within the image. By performing a reverse Google search, you can view the websites that have used an image in their website but haven’t linked back to your website. You can obtain more backlinks by reaching out to them about the unlinked image.

  • Write guest posts for relevant websites

Businesses or individuals can showcase their expertise about a specific topic through guest posting. When you guest post on a popular website like, you have the option of adding an author’s bio. In your bio, you can include the link to your website. Hence, people who open the website may be redirected to your website, helping you attract more traffic.

  • Connect with other bloggers

One way to obtain natural links for your website is through connecting more with bloggers relevant to your industry or area of expertise. You can leave comments about their blog, which may encourage them to visit your website. In addition, they may link back to your website if they believe that your content is useful, boosting your ranking in search engine results.

  • Ask to be featured in listicle articles

One popular type of blog post is listicle articles. These listicle articles have a structure and often are in the form of detailed information about products/services. You can use SEO tools to search for words like ‘’Best’’ and ‘’Top’’ and write a comment or send an email to the relevant individual and ask them if they would be interested in mentioning you in the article. Remember to acknowledge the mention if they do mention you.


We hope this blog helped you answer the question, ‘’What is the best link building strategy?” Combining internal links in SEO and external links will help your website rank well. Over time, you’ll achieve the results you seek, and the above strategies will help you in building links for SEO.

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